Dienstag, 2. März 2010

New Look?!

My order from New Look arrived today. I was so excited about it. I ordered a black denim mini skirt, a grey and pink lace top, a scarf, some floral bows for my hair and black shows. Mostly I was excited about the shoes.

They delivered the parcel within 4 work days, which really rocks for an order at the UK to Germany. The scarf is soft and cute and was fpr 7£/9€.

The Mini Skirt ! I looove it, its just what I wanted. Not to long, deep black and perfect fit!

Now the first disappointment:

Not that I don't like it, its quite cute and nice and fits very well. I think actually it looks really good. BUT it's not what I ordered!!! I ordered it in grey with light pink lace. I am kind of pissed, I wanted to have something nice spring like and take a step away from the dark winter colors. But I won't send it back. It's okay and sending thing back is so expensive. I would pay about 8-10€ for it. And it was 16£ / 19€. It's better than not getting any of it.

The big frustration are the shoes. They are gorgeous. But too small. :(
I found them in the wider fit section and thought: oh how great, and only 18 £/ 25€! Cause at Evans the wider fitted shoes always fitted, I thought it would work. But cause you can't open them it doesn't. So frustrating. They would fit if they had a zipper or a button to open /close them. Even my mum, which has a size smaller AND is kind of half of my weight as problems with slipping into them. It's kind of ridiculous to call them wide fitting shoes!! It's not that my feet are fat and clumpy and they don't get much thinner when I loose weight...
Now I am unsure about sending them back or not, cause it would cost about half of the price. I will ask in the post office tomorrow. So if anyone likes them and would like to have them, write me a comment or an email (reizende.rundungen@yahoo.de)

And ow yes, I also bought 2 little floral bows for my hair (which is now black, green, blue) and a cute floral bag today. Some more outfit post later this week. And a big sorry for the bad bigs. Just the Mac Photobooth ^^

Kommentare :

  1. The scarf is real cute. sorry about the other items,hate when that happens when you order and the things doesn't fit. take care.

  2. I am so sorry about the mistakes in your order. I can't believe that they wouldn't cover the shipping, since they messed up. That said, the skirt and top look super cute on you, and I love the scarf!

  3. It's a shame about the shoes they're really cute, I find New Look shoes weird fitting depending on the style. I love that top on you but the pink and grey one and a pink one similar are in the sale at the moment if you're still interested :)

  4. so frustrating!

    what u think? will you buy the one you actually ordered?

  5. Das ist mir auch schonmal passiert, zwar nicht bei New Look, aber bei Wallis. Ist immer ärgerlich sowas, vor allem weil man sich ja bewusst gegen diese andere Farbe entschieden hat, aber ich finde es steht dir total super. Der Rock ist auch super!
    Echt schade mit den Schuhen. Manchmal machen die aber auch echt komische Konstruktionen. Ich hoffe es findet sich noch eine Lösung für dich dafür.

  6. OMG I also ordered the grey version of that top & they sent me black! I am having some very stern words with via email, atm they just want me to return it, but it was their mistake, not mine. I can't believe they've done it to more than one person!

  7. Oh & also, check my blog for a pleasant little surprise! :D