Sonntag, 11. April 2010

2 1/2 hours at Primark

Yesterday I went to Bremen with my best friends to visit one of the two Primark stores we have in Germany. It is a big store at a great shopping mall and we started our trip at 7.00 o`clock in the morning with a breakfast in the car. At about 10.oo we arrived there, just when the shop opened. It was a really good idea to go there so early, at this point there have been just a few others costumers and things have been very tidy and assorted so it was much fun to look at the clothes and shoes and so on.
I just went trough the shelves and packed everything in my bag that looked nice and as if it could fit me. In their size guide on their webpage they say that the rage goes up to size 20, but I just found things in 18. After we saw all the stuff and tried on lots of shoes we went to the changing rooms and found out that we were only allowed to take 8 pieces and no shoes & accessories with us. What the fuuuuuuck?! I mean heeellooo??? It's not something where we can go every day and they offer this megahuge bags to just pack every single fucking piece of clothes in and than they tell you: "Oppps sorry, you just can take 8 things and a set of a bra and undies that hang on one hanger are count as two pieces! And when you want to try on more than 8 pieces you have to come to the front again and check out the clothes you tried and blahblahblah" most of you who know Primark better than me know how it works. ...But for me it was totaly new, I mean they want to sell the things, they are super cheap and so you can say that they make their profit by selling huges amounts of clothes, so why can't I try them on?
Whatever, in the end only two things fitted me, a leggings and a top. The dresses have all been to tight, especially in the bust and arm area.
So here are the pictured of what I have bought (some things aren't from primark, but you will see that).

Umbrella (5€) , smal purse (4€) and a note book with cupcakes (1,50€)

Ice cream lip balm in cookie and bubblegum flavour (from clair's, 2,50€ )

"Princess for a day!", "The pinker the better!", "Let's talk about Barrie!", nail polish from Catrice, but I have forgotten what they cost.

Flower Leggins ( 5€), blush top (3€) and scarf (4€)

Heart necklace (3€) and the other (5€)

Hairclips...I think 2€

Hairpiece (2€)

Scarf from Vera Moda (9€)

Glasses (1,50€)

Both shoes for 3€

Brooches or hairclips (2€)

Flats for 4€ per pair, actually they are quite tight, but after wearing them one day they fit.

Cupcake cosmetic bag with mirror (5€) and a big black leather bag for university (11€).

So yes, even though I didn't found many clothes I got a lot other things I am quite happy with. Also it was a day full of fun, tasty food and friendship! :)

Kommentare :

  1. Welcher deutschen Größe entsprechen denn 18 bzw. 20 bei Primark?

  2. Tolle Ausbeute! Tausend mal besser als meine(Socken, Geldbeutel und ne Bürste xD)
    Besonders gut find ich die Leggings, die sehen bestimmt toll an dir aus :D

  3. ohhh hast echt ne super ausbeute gemacht!! :) gefallen mir absolut!

  4. Ich habe auch die schwarzen Ballerinas (also die, ie auf deinem Bild mit denlila Schuhen sind gekauft & die Haarschleifen, die übrigens 1,50€ gekostet haben (;
    Das Portemonaie habe ich gar nicht dort gesehen, das find ich schön (:


    ansonsten bin ich schon ziemlich neidisch und will auch zu primark! :(

  6. OMG nice stuff! did you shop all that in one day? :D lovely, nice flower leggings and those hair clips are adorable! :D

  7. I'm jealous, I wanna shop! Primark needs to get a plus size section or extend their sizes.

  8. ahhhh retail therapy ... best thing ever! cute finds!

  9. Yeah Primark does that because there's normally a huge queue to try things on, and if everyone took 20 (or whatever) items to try on at once, the queue would get even longer. Sucks, but it is understandable. I tend to avoid Primark like the plague because it is always so busy, and normally I only want to buy the jewellery, and queueing for 200hrs at the till is not fun!