Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

++ London Blogger Meet Outfit

I know you are waiting for some stuff about the ++ London Blogger Meet, and I am so late about all this. I actually can't believe that it is more than one week ago, that I met all this lovely girls and had such a beautiful day in London.

I will give you a short overview about the day. I went to Evans in the morning, meeting Kat, Devon and Ragini at the Tube Station. Than when I reached the store, Anika was the first one greeting me, I was so pleased to meet her, cause she is such a lovely and heart warming person! Right after that I got excited meeting Beth, she is such a charming and lovely girl and we sticked like glue together for the rest of the day! The lovely Devon helped to find some underwear and I talked to several other girls. I also made great bargain and bought the "Beth Ditto Cameo Belt" for 5 Pounds.

Nefferth made that picture of Beth, Me and Devon.
I am wearing a Sheer Blouse from Yours, my Beth Ditto Prom dress, Leggings and Evans Boots.

After that we went to Primark and than had a coffee at Starbucks. And meet all again at Hanover Square at 1.00pm. We have been a bunch of about 35 girls, must have looked like some flashmob or so xD

I went for lunch with Devon, Beth and Lauren. We had Indian food. It was really great, I never had an Indian lunch before, but I liked it a lot. Just like we had so much fun together talking about London, Clothes and lots of other stuff.
Lauren took this picture of us.

I went back to my Hostel and changed into my evening outfit. Thanks again to my friend Anna for sewing my skirt. It was the star of the party xD no, kidding, but I really loved it, eventhough it was hard to ride the tube with it, because of all the wind.

Carla took this picture of me.
Velvet Dress & Tights - Yours
Belt - Evans
Flats - Primark
Skirt - DIY & Anna <3

The evening event was much fun to. Lots of retailers showing their new collections. I took some pictures   I'll show you after I published my post on . But I also took pictures of the people around. It was nice to get to know so many of you!

I am to tired and lazy know to link you all, but if you recognize you an one of the picutures, just write a comment with you blog url and I will put it under the picture! 

That was the day in a really short overview. You'll get some discount codes soon, cause some of the sponsoeres where so kind to give us codes to share with our readers.

Kommentare :

  1. Your skirt really was one of the stars of the party, I loved your whole outfit! I love that we were partners in crime for the day :D

  2. A Beth Ditto belt for 5 pounds? You lucky lucky girl! I would love to own one but couldn't justify 20 pounds on a belt!

  3. Dear Katrin,
    Thank you for that comment on my blog. As soon as I read it, I felt compelled to write to you and thank you :) Despite being on opposite sides of the spectrum, it's nice to know and even somewhat comforting that I'm not alone in enduring harsh judgement via the internet. Unfortunately, being a blogger is opening up yourself for anonymous negativity, something we both will have to deal with. But you are a beautiful girl and reading about your realisation was really nice. I truly hope more people online can come to this conclusion and see the faults with making a judgement of another based on appearance alone. I've always believed that nasty comments are a sign of insecurity, so for that person to list both of us is a sign that they are truly insecure about themselves and their body.

    Anyways, thank you again! And cute photos by the way! I love the green in your hair, I've been wanting to put a bold colour like purple or orange in my hair :p

    Take care,

  4. Wow, toll :) so viele tolle Mädels in super tollen Outfits!!:) Hast du denn auch ordentlich geshoppt? Falls ja, hätte ich Interesse an deiner Ausbeute!:)

  5. gerne! ♥

    and for my english fans:
    you are welcome! ♥

    haha, ich scherz-keks:P
    = i am such a joke-cookie :P

    es wird immer schlechter xD

  6. I love your post, your pictures and you skirt was amazing.. it looked fab with the Beth Ditto belt. It was great to meet you xxx

  7. You looked totally amazing, and as you know I loved getting to know you a little :) big hugs for you!

  8. It was nice meeting you. I know, since London I'e been so busy and so behind with my blog reading / updating, OMG where does the time go.
    You made us all look fabulous. Thanx!