Samstag, 9. Januar 2010


After I read Hayleys Japan Blog and watching a lot of anime the last weeks this Tokyo scene style totally got me. I will look for some kittycatear-hairclips soon. What I loved the most were those so called "Spank!" glas. I mean this is so absolutely my world. Little Pony meets rainbow trash. Cuppycakes and lots of pink and pinkish apricot and candy cotton color. ♥.

So i know this outfit can't be compared to what I just talked about, but I was in mood for hair dying and lots of colors today.
Also I tried out MichellePhans Anime Eye Tutorial.
I worked it out without fake lashes. Instead I drawed some with my eyeliner.

Kommentare :

  1. hmm, for some reason your picture isnt working for me!

  2. Loving the pink, yellow & purple!!! Where did you get the belt? It's soooo cute!!!

  3. ya, the belt... where did you buy this one?!

    great combination! :)

  4. Lovely outfit :)

    I'll be checking your blog everyday now. (*^_^*) I like it as well.

    take care!

  5. hi! das outfit sieht klasse aus. ich mag den gürtel und dein blog!