Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010

V Mag - my opinion

I just wanted to add something in english to my last post about the V Magazine.
I will not translate what I wrote in German and also put some new aspects in it.

At first I want to say, how much I love the pictures of the second preview, they really look lovely and overwhelming beautiful to me. Even if they are extremly photoshopped (I think) they still look like full figured woman. I like that they don't wear any flattering wide clothes, but something that looks very runaway and fashionshot like.

But I was (even if it is something I am confronted with everyday) suprised how many people comment this with: "Oh my god this is unhealthy!" "To much fat" or "That look so fucking much better then this skinny models!".
Both of this are things that I can't really accepted. This issue should be about EVERY SIZE, and of cause for us it is a very special thing because it's rather rare that woman in our size a featured in a fashion magazine. But that is in my opinion no reason to criticise woman that are skinny or "normal". The idea behind it is to accept ever single shape in the world just as it is. And to make clear to people's mind that every woman can look beautiful and there isn't anything like the real or the normal or the perfect shape. But it seems that many people forget about this while looking at the pictures. They only begin to think about what is normal? What is healthy? Can we really do something like this and feature people that are besides the norm?
Everytime plus sized models can be seen in the media this big conversation about: is it still healthy? Why do other people care about it? Why are they always searching the perfect healthy body? Why do they always want something that is normal (which would be a size 8-10 for the most of them) ?
I think it is a big problem that there still is this big prejudice about fat = unhealthy that is in everybodys mind. Just as skinny = unhealthy (anorexic). There are so many types of women (and also men) in the world, some are just natural skinny even of they eat much and don't do any sports and there are also the ones who are doing diets and going to the gym regular and they don't lose any weight and stay a whole life like maybe size 14/16 but beeing very healthy.

I know maybe I should calm down and don't think about comments like this some much, but it is still something that makes me want to yell and shake people who are saying things like this.
It is just normal that not everbody like the same bodytype or feel attracted by it, but it is time that we come to the point where we stop judging people for their looks but just accept that THEY ARE.

Not more and not less.
People just are.

That's it.

Kommentare :

  1. I totally agree with you about these ignorant people who misunderstand the message of the next v mag issue!

    Every Body is Beautiful! No matter what size or shape!

  2. You're right, some people really are ignorant.
    Me for example. I will always be bigger, I've always been and always will be, thick boned and curvy. I love my body and I'm happy I do...I think it's great that fashion magazines feature full figured women, it's refreshing, it might give other full figured girls/women out there a confidence boost. to hell with all the complainers. They are ignorant.