Sonntag, 24. April 2011

Me and my wardrobe

I just stood infront of my wardrobe not having a clue what to wear. This is how I feel for quite a while now and that might be the reason why I am not posting that many OOTDs lately. Sometimes I am looking at my stuff thinking: "Who the hell has bought this?" I am so disconnected to so much of my dresses and skirts and I have no idea why that is so. There is hardly anything that feels right, I wasn't prepared for summer coming so fast, for over 20°C and so much sunshine. All my leggings faded away at the same time and I feel like not owning one T-Shirt I could wear with my new pair of jeggings. I own so many black things, and I actually really love black, but at the moment it just feels like I am wearing the same stuff over and over again because everything looks the same.
Also when I am looking at online stores, I am so sick of ordering things, not turning out as I thought they would be or not feeling them when I put them on. I think all of this online shopping is one reason for having so much stuff I end up not liking. 
And the major thing is that I felt pretty unsure and not so confident in the last weeks, thinking to much about my body and my weight and feeling reduced to it but noticing that sometimes I am the only one who is reducing myself to my weight. I don't know how to say it but ... it is just that sometimes I feel so present, taking so much space and attention and in that moment I feel like just wanting to look a little more plain. But when I am dressing in a jeans and T-Shirt I am not feeling myself and so boring. And at the end of this discussion with myself and the fight in front of my wardrobe I am not longer sure about what or who I really am or what I want to look like. I just feel like I can't focus on any particular style anymore. I feel like I really don't know what I want and that always ends in being even more unsure and NOT confident...

Do you struggle like this too? How to do you make old pieces feel like something new? And what do you do when you have absolutely now idea what to wear?