Freitag, 20. November 2009

Beth in Concert

Gossip, Rechte: WDR/Binnewies

Gossip, Rechte: WDR/Binnewies

Gossip, Rechte: WDR/Binnewies

Oh ich liebe dieses Kleid, die Farben passten so wunderbar zu ihren knallroten Haaren und dem Make-Up. Zwar mag ich grün an mir selber nicht so gerne, aber an Beth sah es wirklich fantastisch aus. Vom Schnitt her hätt ich so ein Kleid aber schrecklich gerne.

I love this dress, the colors are matching so well to her red hair and the black make-up- I don't like green on myself, but it looked fab on Beth. I would like to have a dress in this style but different colors.

Ich kann immer noch nicht so richtig glauben, das ich am Ende des Konzertes wirklich in ihren Armen gelegen hab. Singend und springend. Und dann ein Kuss auf die Wange bzw auf den Mund zum Abschied. Unglaublich... Ich muss wirklich sagen, dass ich mich so unendlich gut gefühlt habe, so gelöst von all den Vorstellungen über mich bzw was ich denke, das Leute es über mich denken.

I still can't believe that at the end of the concert I lay in her arms we were singing and jumping together. A kiss on the cheek/mouth. Unbelievable...I can say that now I feel better again and I am releasing my associations I have about myself or rather what I think people think about me.

Donnerstag, 19. November 2009

Short can't sleep note!

I just can't go to sleep without shouting it out to the world:

Beth Ditto gave me a kiss.

I mean how fucking cool is this? I just came back from the Gossip concert in Köln, and it was just amazing. I never felt such a high selfconfidence and energy in one woman. It was totaly overwhelming when Beth entered the stage, at this moment my mind really stopped thinking about beeing fat or ugly or what ever, I just was me! Next to me, me friends Anna who came with me, two women at the age of 40+, who dances their asses of and 3 guys who could sing every single word of the gossip songs, I just went crazy with them. At the end, I saw that Beth entered the crowed, and moved through it, with her microphone in one hand singing "Standing in the way of controll" someone infront of me moved towarts her and I just thought: "Okay this is a once in a lifetime chance to get close to her", so I went with him and suddendly stood 1m away from her singing. She is soooooooooo tiny. I mean I am one of the little kind of girls, but she was about 10cm less. I stood next to the guy who hold the cable of her microphone and she was surrended by people who went totaly bananas. She huged them and then she turned to me smiled and took me in her arm, began to jump and we were holding each other jumping and singing. She gave me the microphone (I can't sing, I mean not just like its not as good as her, or like its 1% of what she does with her voice, my singing is this kind of singing they show on TV at the castings for DSDS/ American Idol, when people make a mockery of themselfs) but I just screamed and sang. At the end of the song she hugged people arround her again and gave a kiss to the girl next to me and then she kissed me half on the cheek half on the mouth!!! *___________*

So yes, thats the story. The whole day I was like: "OMG I will see Gossip live on stage and I will see Beth in real live, just about maybe 10m away from me, breathing the same air then me!" but this really was totaly over all of my imaginations. It was wonderfull and full of love and sooo inspiring.

I will look for pictures of what she wore tomorrow, now I need sleep!!!

Montag, 16. November 2009

bad blogger

Jap, ich bin ein schlechter Blogger. Im Moment läuft es hier wirklich unregelmäßig. Liegt vielleicht daran, dass ich nicht so viele spannende neue Outfits habe oder dass ich mir keine neuen Sachen anschaue, damit ich kein Geld ausgebe. Oder vielleicht auch ein bisschen an der Unzufriedenheit die sich irgendwie die letzten Wochen über bei mir eingenistet hat.
Mir fällt es irgendwie schwerer als sonst selbstsicher und von mir überzeugt die Straße entlang zu gehen. Und jeder Kommentar tut mir im Moment ein bisschen mehr weh. Ich hab das Gefühle alle alten Kamellen, die ich schon verarbeitet habe, kochen noch ein mal wieder auf.
Und ich hoffe, dass mir das Gossip Konzert Mittwoch abend einen richtigen Kick geben wird. Gott. wie sehr ich mich darauf freue!

Yes, I am a bad blogger. At the moment everything goes a bit irregular here. Maxbe it's because I don't have many new outfits or because I just don't take a look at new things - I neeeeeed to save money. But it also could be it is because of the disaffection that said "Hello" to me in the last weeks. It is getting more and more hard to walk down the street feeling selfconfident and convinced about myself. Everything that is said about / to me hurts a bit more. And I've got the feeling that all the old thing, I thought I worked out are coming up again.
I realy hope that the gossip concert on wednesday will cheer me up and give me a new kick!

3D Cinemar Glasses / Primemarket Shirt / H&M BIB Cardigan / Evans Skirt

Sonntag, 1. November 2009

Sailor Moon

Auch wenn Halloween nun schon wieder vorbei ist und ich mich nicht verkleidet habe, da in Deutschland Halloween einfach nicht so eine große Sache ist, wollte ich euch etwas zeigen, dass ich heute gefunden hab. Auch das hat was mit verkleiden zu tun.

Even though Halloween is no kind of over and I didn't get dress up (Halloween isn't a big thing here in Germany), I wanted to show you what I have found today. It also is about getting dressed as someone else.

Ein Tutorial Video für ein Sailor Moon Make-Up. ^___^
Ich liebe Sailor Moon seit ich 7 oder 8 war, habe ich Sticker, Hefte und Anziehpuppen gesammelt und alle Videokassetten. Und ich wollte mich schon immer mal als Sailor Moon verkleiden, aber leide hatte ich nie den Ergeiz dazu Arbeit in so ein Kostüm zustecken, davon mal absehen, dass mir auch immer der Anlass fehlte.

A Sailor Moon Make-Up tutorial. ^______^
I love Sailor Moon since I was 7 oder 8 years old. I collected stickers, magazines and paper-dress-up-dolls and also got all the video tapes. I always wanted to masquerade as her but I never had the ambition to work on a costume, asides from there never was the right occasion.

Nachdem ich diese Video gesehen habe, möchte ich aber auf jeden Fall wenigsten das Make-Up ausprobieren. Michelle Phan hat auch noch einige andere interessante und mit viel Liebe gestaltete Make-Up Tutorials. Zum Beispiel für Anime Eyes, Schneewittchen oder Barbie, aber auch für ganze normale Tagesmake-Ups.

After I saw this video I definitely want to try out the Make-Up. Michelle Phan also has some other interesting make-up tutorials she made with much love. There is one for anime eyes, snowwhite or barbie doll but also for a normal daywear-make-up.