Freitag, 2. September 2011

So tell me Evans, what is your shape?

I alway get exited when I see new autumn stuff arrives at the stores. As I told you some posts ago I am a big fan of the third season, a fan of layering, of scarfs and of boots. So when I checked my e-mails today I saw the new Evans Autumn Catalogue was online. I didn't expected much, cause Evans kind of let me down  in every season this year. After looking through it I can only say that this catalogues is just another proof on which target group Evans wants to appeal to. And I am definitely not included. 
There was only one tiny section that made a little big excited and gave a few seconds of thinking about buying something or not: the boots. There is a gorgeous pictures of 4 different boots and the burgundy once just blew my mind. But when I clicked on them to see them in the shop, it was quite a disappointment, on that pictured they are not nearly are strongly colored nor have that lovely contrast between a bright and a almost black burgundy color. 

There are two other black leather boots I like and I would give all of the tree a try if evans finally invents free returns from Germany. But for the moment I will be looking somewhere else for some really nice autumn boots. 

The main theme of the catalogue is Evans new "What is your shape"-thing. There is also now a calculater on the webside, so you can find you shape (apple, hourglas, pear or busty) and then look for the "right" clothes for you bodyshape. But neither do I see a difference in how the 4 models in the catalogue are shaped, they pretty much look the same, nor do their outfits look appealing to my in any way. The worst page is there special check shirts offer.

I am a fan of check shirts all the way, but this looks like the "check shirts of horror"! Did you forget when we are Evans? T-Shirts tucked into their jeans and an open check shirt above? There are like a million other and better ways to wear a shirt like this! This looks like a picture from the Otto Catalogue from 1992.

It is pretty disappointing to see where Evans is going. It was the first ever plus size shop I ordered at, they have been the first shop that made me feel like I am worth buying pretty dresses and awesome stuff, but over the past two years they changed from a shop that was able to become a fashion foward plus size shop to just another plus size store that gives us all the things we know and are tired of for so many years.

Deutsch wird noch nachgereicht.